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Re: Tank Covers

I've been following (rather late) the discussion of tank coverings
with interest. I don't cover any of my tanks except when I get
new fish. Instead I found that if I let a dense covering of duck weed
grow the fish didn't jump. These fish include guppies, red eyed
tetras, cardinal tetras, neon tetras, mollies, platies, corys, otos,
ghost shrimp, skunk loach, kuli loachs and chinese algae eaters.

But, if I skim the duckweed back to less than covering the surface
then I lost a red eyed tetra and a cardinal. Fortunately my tanks are
on a 'moat' which is another larger tank terrarium/aquarium/bog which
they overflow into so the errant fish just jumped into the water in that.

When I add new fish to the tanks I do cover them for a week or so to
give the new ones a chance to get adjusted to their new home as I've
found they are most prone to jumping then.

Most of the tanks are in the middle of a room on a table and my lights
are florescent tubes suspended about a foot about the tanks which are
heavily planted including several types of plants that come up out of
the water creating an indoor garden. This lets light in on top
through the duck weed as well as though the sides of the tanks.

So, in conclusion, :) with these types of fish a cover might not be
generally necessary once the fish are established if there is a plant
covering the water's surface.