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Subject: Re: Mercury Vapour or Metal Halide ??

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>Subject:  Subject: Re: Mercury Vapour or Metal Halide ??
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>>Metal halides are the wrong spectrum. They contain to much blue
>> light and so encourage algae, this means they are ideal for the
>> marine aquarium.... The reverse is true for fresh water plants, they
>> are similar to land plants and use light more to the red of the
>> spectrum i.e. mercury vapour light.
>I do not think this is correct.  You can get metal halides that are 
>made for reef tanks that are very blue.  If you do not use a metal
>halide bulb that has a high K value, it should have a better colour
>spectrum than a mercury vapour light.
>Thinking back to when I read Dynamic Aquaria, I believe it stated that
>metal halide had a good colour spectrum and that mercury vapour lights
>were actually quite high in the blue spectrum.  I do not know why they
>are not used for reef tanks. Mercury Vapour lights are much cheaper.
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