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Re: Ruth' s Tank

I sorry to jump in on this so late just getting up on my E-mail
reading.  I ve been watching this tread on Ruth's tank and just saw this
today that may or may not be an answer to the problem to low ph.
 keeps dropping to 5 and under (off my color chart) <snip> Should I be
> Yes. You need to find out what is causing this. Are you injecting CO2?
> What is your KH?
I use the Aquarium Pharmaceutcals Tap Water Purifer that also use two
additives to adjust the Ph and add stuff back into the water before
use.  I will make about 20/30 gals of water at a hit(My better half
loves it when I say, I am making water.) There are times  when I have
forgot to add the two additives or forgot I already did and doubled the
load need in one of the five gal contaners.  This last week I forgot and
doubled the load on two(=10 gals) and it took a lot of work to bring
down the ph on a new 30 gal set up I was work on.  On the same note last
year I did the same but forgot to add the stuff and had a fast drop in a
20 gal tank.  When I read the following it all came back to me that this
may have been your problem.  Sorry for the long winded response
But the water is too pure for a FW
tank, so it comes with a pH adjuster & a mineral adjuster to add back
elements for a FW tank.  Maybe I should just go back to tap water.
> Plants, by themselves, do not cause a ph drop. To the contrary they
> should create a rise in the ph if anything. First, check those
> additives, then think about your substrate.
Jim C.