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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #934

I have a few questions for all you plant experts.  First, i have a plant that
was labeled rotala at the pet shop but i don't think it is.  The farther down
you go on the plant the rounder the leaves get.  At the very bottom there
nearly circle and at the newly emerging tips they are more like elongated
triangles.  It is quite a fast growing plant ( i'm estimating one centimeter
per day.)  What is this plant and how do i trim it because it has reached the
surface.  I'm thinking just cut the bottom of the stalk of with a pair of
scissors but is this going to disturb anything?  Second, in my geography
class (9th grade) my teacher is telling is that laterite is a hard-packed
rainforest soil that has nearly no nutrients and is hard for roots to
penatrate?  If this is true why do we use it for our plant tanks?