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Re: Propagation of an Echinodorus sp.

I have a large sword in my tank that was sold to me as a "rose sword."  I
think it MAY be an Echinodorus osiris.

In late spring I reduced by photoperiod from 11 hours to 8 hours to help
reduce my air conditioning load.  I also closed the blinds on four large
skylights which were giving the tank considerable sunlight throughout the
day.  Shortly thereafter it began to grow large emersed leaves that are
some 12 inches or so above the water surface (the tank is 24" deep with a
3-4" substrate).  About a month ago it sprouted a large flower stalk that
is about 48 inches long.  There is one main stalk with three "branches"
that originate a couple of inches above the water level.  It produced white
flowers that are now beginning to produce emersed plants.

I'm not certain, but maybe it was this change to the photoperiod and that
caused the sword to start growing emersed and produce the flower stalk.

I have some ruffled swords (Echinodurs maior?) and some Tropica swords that
have produced flower stalks constantly since the tank was set up.  When the
photoperiod was reduced the ruffled swords began to grow leaves that were
on much longer stalks (petioles?) and float on the water's surface.  Not
exactly the appearance I was looking for but I've got plenty of plantlets
to replant once I increase the photoperiod.

Maybe some of the more experienced members of the list can comment.