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Delaware Aquatic

Bruce is right and in all fairness to Mike, he has had some family
issues that were outside of his control that have required him to move
his family thus his plant business to a new house (that they are having
built).  He has had to temporarily shut down his plant business until
the move is completed.  If you have noticed, there haven't been any of
his ads in the fish magazines for a couple of months.

His business, Newark Tropicals, is doing better than they could have
imagined.  He and his son operate the business and Mike Sr., to the best
of my knowledge, still maintains his regular job as well.  

Lets give Mike a break and let him get everything back in order.  We
should be thankful that we have him as a resource and supplier of
plants.  I have always gotten top quality plants at very reasonable
prices, and he has always helped me with my many questions.  Can't ask
for much more than that.