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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #924

> Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 17:04:36 -0400
> From: krandall at world_std.com
> Subject: School donations needed
> Some of you may have read my article in AFM on the planted aquarium in my
> son's classroom last spring.  As a result of that tank and article, we now
> have 3 beautiful planted tanks set up in two different elementary schools.
> The kids right up through the superintendent of schools are wildly excited
> about the tanks.
> Our Holliston MA. school system has had a number of aquariums donated for
> elementary class rooms.  We are still in need of filters and heaters for
> most of these tanks.  Sizes range from 10 - 110 gallons.  If you have any
> old but functional equipment, or excess plants (my plants are only
> stretching so far!<g>) and would like to make a tax deductible donation,
> please contact me at: krandall at world_std.com.  Thank you all in advance!
> Karen Randall
Hi Karen,
  Great project, I will be happy to send you a large asst. of plants, on
behalf of my company.  
  I am in a lot of schools and find it amazing how many aquariums I see.
The down side is, that they are usually a mess, a novelty, or not being
used. I would like to change this a little and could use some help.
 I will be changing a few things on my web page soon. One of the changes
I'm going to add is a "school projects" page. The intent will be to give
teachers some ideas on how to use their aquarium(s) as a teaching tool. 
  What I need are some project ideas that include an objective, a few
questions related to that subject and most of all, a willing Mentor for
the project submitted if questions arise. In other words your e-mail
and/or your web page will be included in the project proposel along with
your name.
  Perhaps this idea will get off to a slow start, which is probably
good, but nothing ventured .......
  I might add, that probably 30-40% of my e-mail ends with an edu., It
only takes a few of the right ones to get the word out to teachers.
  I hope to have my web page changed within a week. You can e-mail me at
DQallwet at avana_net or at my web page
  Dan Quackenbush