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Re: Tiny plant tank

Tiny plant tanks rock. I started out with a 10g, planted that and 
recently had a 5g planted that was just for fun. When I did my
5g tank I had a very thin layer of a product called 'Substrate
Gold'. Its a iron rich laterite. I thinmk I got my terminology
correct!! ;) Anyways, i put about 1 inch or so of tiny red flint
gravel on top and used a small corner filter with carbon and floss.
The filter will keep the water moving., thought slightly, and is
about the best thing for 5 gallon. Least far as I can see.
Now for lights I had it next to a 30g tank. The 30g had a 
four foot shop light, that hung over a foot on the same side as
my 5 gallon tank. So it got plenty of light from that.
Well I used ricci flutans, very small java fern that was on this
sliver of wodd i had in there and some water stargrass. I had
1 otocinclus in there and juvi apisto cacatuoides. It was cool
tank, but since I am moving, I had to remove it.
Oh well, hope this helps

   mcgrath at mad_scientist.com