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Tiny plant tank

I hope I'm sending this to the right place:). I'm new to the list and
have a question (or five) for all you plant-y people. I'm thinking of
using an old 5 gallon tank I have as an office tank. I'd like to put my
3 danios and an algae eater in there with some plants, but as my only
experience w/plants is on my 25 gallon goldfish tank, I have numerous
questions about this setup!
1. The "hood" holds two incandescent bulbs. I've seen those pink "full
spectrum" incans in my local hardware store. Would those be any good?
What does everyone think I should try using? The tank is so short, no
flourescent would work over it unless it were suspended and as our
office has 30 foot ceilings...
2. Small plants? I like annubias, but they're so expensive around where
I live...is there somewhere I could mail-order a few specimens? I can't
do the bulk ordering required by some catalogs. How about that stuff
that looks exactly like grass? I don't know what it's called...it's not
pygmy chain sword...but I know it likes bright lighting, so is that a
worry? Any short plants out there?
3. Should I fertilize the substrate? It is a very small tank, so I don't
want to overload it with anything. I can easily get Tetra Initial and
their liquid and root tablets. Should I use any of those?
4. Filtration: I was thinking about a Penguin Mini w/biowheel. Anyone
know anything good or bad about them? I've heard they are about
dollhouse size :), which would be perfect. I have an Aquaclear mini on
my ten gallon, but it seems awefully large in comparison to this tank.
Any other small filer ideas?
Finally, anyone see any problems with any of this? I really, really
appreciate the advice. I have a very crowded 10 gallon at home and I
need to get these guys out of there asap.