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Re: Large tank filtration

>>A trickle filter sounds good from that perspective, but I am concerned that
>>it would drive off a lot of CO2.
>>Those of you with very large tanks, how do you deal with this?

I used to use an overflow/trickle filter with a 4 feet sump. The water is
"incredibly" clear!! Then i suspected that the sump could be breeding
mosquitoes and changed this to an Eheim 2229 cannister filter (which runs
at 600 liters per hour)
Well,it's been about 3 months now since the change and i still find my
water in my 200gal tank a little cloudy (as compared to the trickle
filter). Besides that,i don't see much problems with filtration as i'm sure
most "gurus" here would tell u that for a heavily planted tank.the plants
help to do a lot of filtration themselves.. :-)