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phosphate harmful to fish/discus???

I would like to ask the list if high phosphate levels are harmful to 
fish, especially discus.  I use Discus buffer (SeaChem) to lower the pH 
in my tank.  It is high in phosphate.  I know that these high phosphate 
levels produce alot of algae, but algae is not harmful to the fish, right?

I know that high nitrate levels can kill fish, does phosphate do the same?

When phosphate is high, what other elements of the water chemistry is 
high (or low), what is going on in the water. 

I am just curious, but my discus are doing fine--healthy and happy.

If this has already been discussed about on the list, I apologize for my 
laziness of going to the archives and looking it up.  

Thanks in advance!!

Le Minh Tran
minhtran at basil_stthom.edu

"To prepare a face for the faces that you meet..."---T.S. Eliot