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Re: Egg Crate Tank Cover

I have tried the egg-crate tank cover idea.  As indicated, it is easily 
cut to fit the top of any tank.  It does not bend (at least on the 55 
gallon tank I used it on) and you can cut holes in it for filters, heaters 
etc.  Very easy to work with.

I had one fish (a silver dollar) that kept trying to jump out of the egg 
crate tank.  The fish injured himself on the eggcrate each time he tried 
to jump out, eventually (after a few days) shearing off a significant 
portion of his "face".  I moved him into my planted tank where he was more 
comfortable and stopped trying to jump out. His "face" grew back almost as 
good as new.  And he doesn't eat the plants, much.

If you have fish that you think will try to get out of the tank, egg-crate 
may lead to serious fish injury.

Paul Chapman
Saskatoon, SK