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Re: hood design, plant growth and Congo Tetras

Pete Mohan wrote:
>I've done something similar over a 300 gallon tank.  I purchased industrial
>drawer slides from Graingers for a free-standing tank that acts like a room
>divider.  The guides could hold my weight if needed and allow me to slide a
>large center section of the hood containing all lighting equipment completely
>off the tank.  The ends of the hood remain attached to the tank stand to
>support the "drawer" while it is open.  Maintenance is a breeze.

Sounds interesting. How about more details on how this is put together.

in Vancouver

Ross Drewe wrote:

>This raises a general question. I cannot see why aquarists want either
>plants or fish to grow at the maximum possible rate. Wasn't someone
>complaining a while back that his plants were growing too fast, and the
>trimming was a nuisance?. I think that the ideal is to allow them to grow
>to a size that's suitable for the tank, then stop growth altogether.  This
>ideal assumes that they can be held at a given size in a perfectly healthy

An interesting idea but I've always thought that if the plant isn't growing
it isn't healthy. Bonsai trees are a different kettle of fish. I don't
think one could "bonsai" an aquatic plant because they are by nature much
faster growing than a tree. Any thoughts out there? Maybe one could
"bonsai" an Anubias.

BTW Ross, your e-mail still generates a lot of garbage. Can't one of you
computer programmer types let Ross know how to supress this?? Please!

in Vancouver

Shane wrote:
>        Hello all,
>        Over the last few months I have noticed small bite marks around
>the edges of new Anubias spp. leaves. At first I thought my SAEs were the
>responsible party. I removed the SAEs, but two months later, all my
>Anubias are still having their new leaves eaten before they can develop.
>The Congo tetras seem to be the only remaining suspects.

It certainly wasn't the SAEs. I'm sure it was the Congos. The reason I'm
sure is because my book says they will eat plants and I have been told that
they eat plants by honest shop workers when I wanted to buy some. I'd LOVE
to have them because I think they are very beautiful but.....

You could perhaps try putting a lettuce leaf in the tank so that they have
some plant leaves to eat that you don't care about. There's probably
someone else who knows how to keep them with plants who will write to you.
They sure are nice fish so I hope you solve the problem.

in Vancouver