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Outdoor koi pond plants all died

I am new to the outdoor pond scene, since I inherited a 275 gallon
concrete pond two years ago when I purchased my home. I have been
learning quite a bit, and have had much success with the fish keeping,
however my latest plant problem purplexes me.

Over the last three weeks, all my plants have died.  I have some hardy
lillies that have grown and bloomed wonderfully this year, as they have
over the past two seasons.  I recently added some purchased water
hyacinths, water lettuce, and on another occasion, some floating small
green plants that I scooped from a neighbor's pond.  I can't remember
the name of the latter plants, but they reproduce like mad, have an inch
or root, and have since shrunken to the size of a tiny BB, and have
turned silver.

The water hyacinths started dying immediately, with the bulbs browning,
then the leaves.  The water lettuce seemed to prosper and multiply, but
no there are no traces of it either.  I removed the water hyacinths.
The lilly may now consist of two or four stems with battered leaves.

I talked to my fish supplier, and he thinks that the fish may have just
eaten everything in site.  I did add 14 or so small koi to the mix in
early summer.

My PH has been around 7.6 or so, and I am constantly lowering it, and
the only other things I test for are ammonia, nitrates, and chlorine.
These are all fine.

Any clues to what I may be lacking?  May I have introduced a monster by
stealing the floating stuff from my neighbor?  Is it a normal practice
to harvest natural plants and pop them in your pond?

Any help would be appreciated,

Baffled in New Hampshire,
cbarrett at edk_com