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Re: tap water pH

     >Of course, both calculations, yours and mine, make a lot of 
     >irrelevant assumptions so neither are really applicable to water 
     >changes in an aquarium.
     >>Once its mixed, the buffers take over and the pH will likely shift 
     >>some, with the final number depending on the buffer capacity in the 
     >>mixed water.
     >Just be careful, that initial pH spike might be a little higher than 
     >you thought.
     An aquarium at pH 7.0, KH 5 and 15 ppm CO2 subject to a 15% water 
     change with pH 10 and 0 ppm CO2 would result in a CO2 concentration of 
     0.85 x 15 + 0.15 x 0 = 12.75 ppm CO2, right?
     Now, the KH has also dropped a tiny bit, but according to the 
     pH-KH-CO2 chart on the Krib, the pH would only rise by about 0.1, 
     which is hardly enough to worry about.
     Amazing, eh?  
     Kind regards,