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Re: tap water pH

     >>If my tap water has a high pH simply because of low [CO2], then I
     >>could bring the pH down by injecting CO2, which I already do, in my 
     >Yep.  Same is true for anyone else whose water utility delivers high 
     >pH water and who can return the water to a normal pH by aerating it, 
     >or just by letting it sit.  Many inland cities in the US seem to use 
     >this treatment process, including Dallas and at least two utilities 
     >in the Kansas City area.
     How many people have invested $$$ in an RO system because they think 
     their tap water is unfit for aquaria, when all they need to do is 
     aerate or just let it sit?  Of course, for those municipalities with 
     high PO4 and/or NO3, RO can be a necessity.
     Aquarium shops around here love to exaggerate the hardness of the 
     local water, and I have heard clerks ascribe a number of aquarium ills 
     to city water.  In reality, we have very good water.  This is just 
     another thing to beware of.