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Three questions

I've got three questions on different subjects.  I hope some of you can 

"excess" Ca++

I ran across two web pages, one talking about field crops and one about
nursery crops, that indicated that Ca++ in "excess" amounts retards plant
uptake of magnesium and possibly potassium and a number of trace metals. 

Does this hold true for aquatic plants as well?  There have been some
posts here describing what are probably nutrient deficiency symptoms in
hard water, so it seems plausible.  If so, at what level is the calcium in
"excess", and is this measured by a total concentration, or by a ratio
(Ca:Mg, Ca:K, etc)? 

DIPA iron

I bought a pound of chelated iron powder at a nursery a couple weeks ago.  
The iron was chelated with DIPA - on the label, "Disodium ferric 
diathylene-triamine-penta acelate" [sic].  I bought it thinking that I 
read something on this list about DIPA, or some other alternative to EDTA.  
Then I couldn't find any discussion of DIPA in the archives.  Does anyone 
know about it?

DIY CO2 bubbles

I've been bubbling my yeast-generated CO2 through an airline to the intake
of an Aquaclear over-the-back filter.  The bubbles don't come out in a
regular stream.  Instead they usually come out every 6 seconds or so in
"globs" of 2 or more rather large bubbles.  Right now my outlet is a piece
of hard plastic tubing cut at an angle.  I'd rather get a steady stream of
smaller bubbles spaced more or less evenly so that I can better gage the
state of my brew.  How do others get that effect?  I used an airstone for 
a while, but got a whispy white growth on the stone, so I stopped.


Roger Miller

In normally dry Albuquerque, where cool rains are making a guest