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Re: Metal Halide Lighting

>>>> It seems to me that maybe you have a little more than just the three
> fixtures on the circuit.  What about the filters, heaters and other
> household applicances?

Thanks for the thought, but I have two  dedicated circuits into the
fishroom.  The lights were on a circuit all to themselves.<<<<

That being the case I wonder if Energy Savers has changed the manufacturer
of the ballasts to save a little money.  You might try opening the ballast
boxes and checking who manufactured them.  Most of the metal halide
ballasts I have come across have been manufactured by Advance or Magnetek.
I recently mail ordered a 250 watt HQI ballast and was disappointed to
receive a no name brand unit manufactured in Taiwan.  The ballasts on my
175 watt metal halides are Advance and all three start simultaneously
without problems.