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RE: CO2 Valves

<<Well, here I go again. I finally received my needle valves, Parker
 I thought I had it made. Well, unless I'm doing something wrong, these
valves do not have a fully closed position. Their closed position
in a flow of approximately 3 to 4 bubbles per second. I tried different
regulator pressures, high and low, with no effect.
Any advice?

I'm running one, but I can't advise anyone else to use this approach
because of this issue.  It is sooo tough to adjust from 0 bubbles to
about 6 bubbles per second (it's tough to count, I know).  With 3
minutes of adjustments, I can get within .5 bubble/second of my target
amount.  Once I adjust it, I also must watch it for an hour or too to
check to see if I accidently turned the supply off (when I'm adjusting
it to less than 2 bubbles/second).

Try using some WD40 on the valve, if you can stand the thought of
introducing the oil residuals to your CO2 output.

I'm planning to couple a regulator to mine to see if I can get more
control as well as introduce some more safety to the setup.  

If we get many more negative postings with this effort, we should
probably ask to get the Krib post that recommended this approach

Dave Casazza
dcasazza at netreach_net