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CO2 Valves

Well, here I go again. I finally received my needle valves, Parker PF200B.
I thought I had it made. Well, unless I'm doing something wrong, these
valves do not have a fully closed position. Their closed position resulted
in a flow of approximately 3 to 4 bubbles per second. I tried different
regulator pressures, high and low, with no effect.
Any advice?

I have seen references to ARO valves F01, Grainger # 6ZC07. Has anyone
tried these successfully? Grainger does list them as having a fully closed
position, but also states they are thermoplastic with zinc plated steel
pipe inserts. I thought the all brass and stainless steel of the Parker was
superior. I'd appreciate your suggestions. Frankly, I'm trying to avoid the
higher cost of the Nupro valves commonly mentioned. I'll need two to supply
two tanks.