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Re: bluegreen algae control

At 15:48 -0400 7/7/97, "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com> wrote:

>I've struggled with bluegreen algae (cyanobacteria, cb)  outbreaks on and
>off for years now, and I've made a few observations that I'd like to throw
>into the mix. In short, I think cyanobacteria and green algae compete in
>aquaria.  Cyanobacteria bloom when they get the competitive edge and the
>blooms can be controlled and reversed by swinging the competition back to
>green algae.

I'm under attack by BG algae and have noticed that since the attack, there
has been no green algae in the tank. Before the BG attack, there were
acouple of bouts of green water, which were easy enough to cure by doing 90
percent water changes. The BG is resisting all efforts to control it, short
of chemicals which haven't been tried yet. I was thinking of brewing up
some real green water in a bucket in the back yard and dumping it in the
tank in the hopes that it would nuke the BG algae.