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Cape Fear Spatterdock

Here is a somewhat odd question-does anyone grow Cape Fear Spatterdocks? 
I have tried without too much success. I did grow one about 20 years ago 
and I remember back then reading somewhere (and I can't remember where) 
that you should dip the cut end in beeswax, I guess to seal it from rot. 
I remember I did back then and had pretty good luck with the spatterdock, 
until the whole tank crashed from an algae infestation.  Anyway, the ones 
I ordered a couple of months ago died and I reordered them and this time 
did the beeswax thing. Is this neccessary? is anyone growing them 
successfully without doing this? 

	Gerry in Ann Arbor,
 	Where we were just missed by a storm that knocked the hell out of 
        Detroit last night.