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Re: snails

>Sender: James_Haynes at together_cudenver.edu

>To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
>Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 14:37:21 -0600
>Subject: snails

>I have a "huge" snail problem in my planted tank and was looking for
>any suggestions as to how to off the little devils without upsetting
>the balance to much.  I have heard that clown loaches will work,
>however I am concerned that they will root around in the substrate.  Is
>this true.  I have a laterite layer that I do not want to get disturbed
>too much.  ]
>thanks in advance for the help


There are several ways that you can do this.
1.  The clown loach should not dig into your substrate, maybe a little
but nothing really, so try them.  People who keep MT snails (which
burrow in the substrate during the day) and clown loaches don't seem to
lose many of the snails.
2.  Try leaving pieces of lettuce or another leafy green on the
substrate and when a number of snails are eating it, pick it up and
throw it away.
3.  The final (and last resort that I've used) and a very tiring one. 
Just spend a hour every day (if you have time) and take every single
snail out of the tank.  Considering the size of the tank, I normally
would not recommend this.

Also, try a combination of them.  Like put the lettuce on the substrate
and as the snails eat the lettuce, the loaches (they feel happier with a
partner) will have an easier time in finding the snails and eating them. 

One more thing, always, always, always look for more egg sacks.  The
first time a had a snail infestation and did not look for egg sacks, the
snails were back in full force in a month.

Good luck,