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Re: Ridding tank of snails

Hi James,

You wrote: 

>>I have a "huge" snail problem in my planted tank and was looking for
>>any suggestions as to how to off the little devils without upsetting
>>the balance to much.  I have heard that clown loaches will work,
>>however I am concerned that they will root around in the substrate.  Is
>>this true.  I have a laterite layer that I do not want to get disturbed
>>too much.  

Snails can be baited and just lifted out. For carnivores, like Malaysian 
Trumpets, a bit of meat in a saucer, or tied to a stone works. Remove meat 
and the attached snails every midnight for a few days. Use tough meat like 
round steak that will not disintegrate and foul the tank.

A piece of microwave-blanched zucchini or lettuce works for the more 
vegetarian species, like pond and ramshorns. They are less nocturnal, I 
think, so you may not even have to get up in the middle of the night to 
catch them.

Since the eggs may survive, you may have to repeat in a few weeks. It is the 
least disruptive method I know.

Good luck,



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