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Re: DIY CO2 generator

Jim Andersson wrote:
>The CO2 setups they sell in the store are too expensive, I think. I have 
>heard that you could build a setup by yourself with yeast, sugar and 
>water. Could any one explain to me how this works? what to think about?, 
>any problems with such a setup?, how much yeast, sugar and water to use? 
>and so on.
   The DIY CO2 generator is simplicity itself. A half gallon (2 liter) 
bottle with a small opening (glass is preferable), a one hole stopper to 
fit (a drilled air tight lid will work), airline tubing of proper length, 
an optionalairstone, one cup of sugar, one liter of water, and 1/2 
teaspoon of yeast. Those are the basics. Mix the water, sugar, and yeast 
in the bottle and place the air tight stopper (must be checked for leaks) 
with the tubing leading out of it into the tank with the air stone. In 
and hour or two you will have bubbling CO2. Most hobbyists trap the CO2 
in a container to keep a constant interface between the gas and the water 
rather than let it escape. An alternative is to bleed the CO2 into the 
intake of a canister filter to keep a water/gas contact as long as 
possible. Let your imagination and ingenuity be your guide as to what 
works best for you. The idea is to let the CO2 dissolve into the aquarium 
with as little wastage as possible. Gleaning through the archives and the 
FAQs of this list will net you a large amount of information and 
variations on this theme.         www.cco.caltech.edu/~aquaria/Faq/       
      Good luck!        Lyle Babberl