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What to Plant?

Hi all,
	I have been planning to put live plants in my tank but I don't
know which ones I should use.  I've been reading a bit on the Internet and
I'm still not clear on the maximum height that the plant specimens can
obtain in my tank (which is 16" tall).  I'd like to fill the tank with
tall, medium, and short plants to give that 3D effect of space.  In
particular, I'd like the short plants to stay short so I don't need to
replant them and to grow in low light levels since the taller plants will
shade them. 

	Does anyone have any suggestions as to plants I might consider? 
Any plants with different colors like red or the like?  What about the
different plants in response to pruning?  I'd like some of the plants NOT
to get bushy after pruning (ie. cut off a part of the stem and this causes
two new stems to come off the cut end) because I think it looks wierd to
have a single stem with a bushy top.

	The tank has a pH of 6.6-6.8, 1 inch of small tetras per gallon, 2
watts of fluorescent light/gallon for 10 hrs/day, 2 inches of river
gravel, temp 75F, KH 3, DH 10. The only fertilizer I add on a biweekly
basis is a Seachem plant fertilizer (I can't remember the name) to add
iron and other micronutrients to the E. bheleri and A. crispus already in
the tank.  I'm glad there is no undergravel filter!!!