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RE: Driftwood

	I can understand your worries about using "wild" driftwood. I have
been collecting my own driftwood from the Pacific ocean and the Snake
and Columbia rivers. I have never had a problem with any driftwood. There
are non-toxic water sealers that can be used. I have never used these as I
worry about my loricariids gnawing on the sealant.
	The only thing to be careful about is that you do not use any
driftwood that is rotten. The easiest way to check is to scrap the
driftwood with your fingernail. If the wood is soft and is easily scraped
away it is no good for aquarium use.
	I boil very small pieces. Larger pieces are run through the dish
washer (NO SOAP) and then rinsed off well with lots of clean water. Next
soak them for 48 hours in a bucket with a double dose of BINOX by Jungle.
This medicine treats gram positive, gram negative, and fungus. After this
regime, the wood is quite safe.
	Attach the wood to suction cups and "stick" it to the rear wall of
the tank to creat a beautiful root covered river bank.

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