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Re: driftwood

Hi B.J.,

> Hey all,
> I collected four pieces of interesting driftwood at a very clean lake in the
> high country of California where I live while I was backpacking last
> weekend.  I was hoping I could put them in my tank because they are very
> attractive.  Then, I read somewhere that if you have green spots on your
> driftwood, it has some copper on it.  I asked a guy at the pet store if I
> could use it and he said he wouldn't.  The lake is clean, and so is the wood
> except for the few green spots. Could I cure the wood some how, or should I
> just not use it?  I checked the archives and couldn't find much on the
> subject of cleaning driftwood.  Thoughts?
> Thanks in advance!!
> B.J. Smith
> jesmith at sonnet_com

	I've always collected my own driftwood.  The stuff they sell in
the petstores is a fortune!

	What I do is boil the driftwood in water for about 10 minutes.
I then let it sit in hot water overnight.  The next day, I boil it
again and let it sit overnight again.  I never bother with any bleach,
peroxide, etc. treatments and have never had any problems with any
driftwood I've collected.  It does take a while to sink in the aquarium
though, so you'll probably have to weight it down for the first while.



Chris Teichreb
Department of Biological Sciences
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C.

cjt at sfu_ca