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Microsorium pteropus?

    Evidently not all Java ferns are the same species (?) A while back I 
bought this plant that had the roots wrapped in a foam sheet and wedged 
in a small plastic pot. When I prepared to place them in the aquarium I 
was appalled at how tiny the rhizomes were. Being a relative newcomer to 
planted tanks I figured that was the way they were supposed to look and 
they would soon begin covering the driftwood despite the pencil lead thin 
rhizomes. Now four months later there has been zero growth (zero decay 
also) despite water conditions that were normal for this plant according 
to the sources I have read.  
      I have since read in " A Fishkeepers Guide to Aquarium Plants" by 
Barry James, of a Malaysian species that is not suited to submersion. Has 
anyone else had this experience? How do you recognize the varieties that 
are well suited to the aquarium?  Is this another example of terrestrial 
plants being foisted upon the hobbyist as an aquarium plant?
                     Thanks...   Lyle Babberl