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Re: What exactly are SAE's?

> From: Jaemon D Franko <Jaemon_D_Franko at ccm_dp.intel.com>
> To: owner-aquatic-plants at actwin_com
> I guess my question is this -- are SAE's (crosscheilis siamensis) the
> same as flying fox (epalzeorinchus siamensis)?

Absolutely not. E. siamensis can get aggressive and territorial when
older and, AFAIK, don't eat black algae.    

> Takashi Amano states in his first book that the "siamese flying fox"
> is crosscheilis siamensis.

Yes, that name is being used by a lot of distributors. 

> Naturally there doesn't seem to be any pet stores local to me that
> have the foggiest idea of what one is, or worse yet they walk me over
> to the chinese algae eaters.

See if they can get Simamese Flying Foxes from their wholesalers.