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Re: What exactly are SAE's?

> From: Jaemon D Franko <Jaemon_D_Franko at ccm_dp.intel.com>
> Subject: What exactly are SAE's?
> I've been reading this list for about a month now and have seen numerous 
> references to SAE's (Siamese Algae Eaters). Naturally there doesn't seem to be 
> any pet stores local to me that have the foggiest idea of what one is, or worse 
> yet they walk me over to the chinese algae eaters.
> I guess my question is this -- are SAE's (crosscheilis siamensis) the same as 
> flying fox (epalzeorinchus siamensis)? Takashi Amano states in his first book 
> that the "siamese flying fox" is crosscheilis siamensis.

SAE is Siamese algae eater, Crossocheilus siamensis.  This fish is also
called Siamese flying fox.  Epalzeorhynchus siamensis is its old name,
and Epalzeorhynchus kalopterus is the "common" flying fox.  Read more
about these species (and some more) from the "Algae Eater Article" by
Neil Frank and me.  You'll find it at least from Krib archives,
Aquatic Gardeners home page and my home page (www.hut.fi/~lsarakon/).

Liisa Sarakontu 
from hot and humid Finland, where the beach season is just going on!