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Natural Algae Control

I have observed that Filamentous Algae does not not grow on my Anachris Canadensis in my ponds.I have 
carried out experiments in wrapping strands of A.C around infested plants {Myro. sp,Echn. sp which were 
festooned by algae} and the algae will not attack it.
A high planting of A.C in a particularly bad pond has shown a marked decline in algae growth.In order to 
eliminate the {natural} assumption that A.C is a great consumer of nutrients, I have mashed up A.C in a 
blender and dispersed the soup into a second pond. Initial results are promising {two weeks old}.

Q. Is there a natural inhibitor in A.C which is released into the water column?
Q. Are there other plants out there which deter algae {duckweed springs to mind though it does not appear 
     to inhibit algae growth}
Eng Chuah ANGFA {Qld}