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Re: Used CO2 tanks

>Anyone buying used CO2 cylinders, be careful. The manufacture date of
>the cylinder is usually stamped right into the metal of the bottle >right
>near the neck. At least in Minnesota, they must be tested every five
>years or they cannot be refilled. The testing process costs nearly as
>much as buying a new tank outright and takes several months to get >back.
>Furthermore to just get rid of the things requires payment of a
>hazardous waste fee! Check your bottles- if they are stamped 92, take
>them to a welding shop that exchanges bottles, you'll get a new 5 year
>"lease" and a 10lb refill for $10-$12!
>PS, Odd sized bottles, (not 5 or 10lb) and odd shaped cylinders are
>harder to get refilled. The most convient places are welding shops and
>they only take the standard sizes.
>I understand that medical supply places will actually refill your >bottle
>but I haven't tried this.
>I find it most convient to walk into my local welding shop plop down
>$12.00 and be out the door in less than 5 minutes. (the welding geeks
>also get a kick out of me when I tell them what I'm doing with the
>tank!) They all think I'm really drinking beer.
>Bill Ruff

Yes, Bill, you are right that the Co2 cylinder must be tested every
5 years - also here in Ohio. That's what the guys @ the welding store
told me. And on the 10lb bottle I bought for $45, there is the date
(4/97) stamped right into the metal near the neck. I just was not
sure if this was the manufacture date or the testing date. Now, since
you told me it is the manuf. date, I think the bottle must be new.
And, in this store I get it refilled for $6, I just don't know
if it will be done in 5 or may be in 10min.
Actually, the guys in this store were very helpful and getting
interested after I told them what I was going to use it for. I took
my needle valve (bought is from a friend before) to the store
when I bought the bottle to see if it fits on the regulator. 
Like always, it did not! These guys then were looking in there
store and came up with an adapter kind of thing which worked.
They did not charge me anything for that. All together: good store,
satisfied customer.
But thank you anyway for your message - I think it also will be
helpful to others.