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Slight Green Water Problem


Well my 90G plant tank has been up for 2 weeks now.  Everything seems to be
OK, although the water is cloudy, with a slight green tint.  I am assuming
that this is a slight case of green water, but was wondering what the best
course of action was to help clear things up.  Here are the specifics, as
tested last night:  PH: 7.5, KH: 3, GH: 5, PO4: 1 mg/l, NO3: 0, Fe: .1 mg/l,
Temp: 80 F.  I know the PH is a little high, I have not had a chance to get
the CO2 connected and running yet.  The tank inhabitants are 4 SAE's, 10 otos,
2 platys, and 2 molly's.  I haven't fed anybody yet, and there is certainly
enough algae to keep everyone fed for a while :>)  Lighting is 6 SPX50 T8
bulbs, x 10 hours (it was 12 hours - I fixed that last night).  I started PMDD
this week at 1 ml/day, but boosted that to 5ml/day, after the test results
from last night.  Plants include: 5 swords, several bunches of hygro & tropical
hygro, a couple of apon, limnophilia, several crypts & anubias, several bunches
of macaya, 2 small barclaya bulbs, java moss & java fern, vals, sagittaria,
cabomba, and a couple of unidentified ludwidgia's.  The plants are doing OK,
but not showing incredible growth.  The substrate is laterite with UGH.  I did
a 25% water change last weekend, and will probably do another one this weekend.

Should I just be patient and wait for things to clear on their own (I hate
waiting :>) or do I need to be proactive here?

Thanks for all of the advice/information that has gotten me this far, and I
look forward to your responses!

In Atlanta, where we're not sure if it's really Spring yet.