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I find that temperature makes a very big difference in how well my
DIY CO2 generator performs.  I am using a 2-bottle system
connected by a brass T-connector.  I keep a spare set of bottles to
minimize down time when preparing a fresh yeast/water/ baking
soda mixture, and I change the solution in each bottle every two
weeks on a staggered schedule.  I keep them in a small cabinet
under my shelf-mounted aquarium and keep a heating pad wrapped
around them.  The difference the added heat makes is
unmistakeable.  Another hint if you are using a 2-bottle system:
pinch off the tubing coming from the bottle you are changing just
before opening it.  This will prevent the system from depressurizing
completely and will speed up the recovery time before you see
bubbles in your aquarium again.  I have it down to the point that my
system "recovers" in less than an hour and then it bubbles like
gangbusters.  I am also using a fine-bubble airstone -- no reactor or
powerhead.  For a 20-gallon tank with a 2-bottle generator this
seems to be adequate and my plants are doing very well.

Jonathan in Maryland (somewhat coolish for this time of the year,
but the cherry blossoms are beautiful!)