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cloudiness in tanks

     I'm writing an article/FAQ on substrates and I'd like a little 
     more information on remedies for cloudiness in tanks caused by 
     clay or similar fine particles.
     Merrill wrote:
        "Crystal-Clear" from Aquarium Products is available in Canada 
        and will do the job for you!
     Does anybody know what's in Crystal-Clear? This isn't an algicide 
     or something intended to clear bacterial turbidity is it? I'm 
     looking specifically for remedies for clay cloudiness. What does 
     the packaging say about it?
     Assuming that Crystal-Clear is a chemical agent, are there safe 
     chemicals that anyone would care to suggest for this purpose?
     I'm sure there are some biological remedies and I'm hoping we can 
     poke one of our biochemistry experts to come up with an 
     explanation or two!
     When I've mixed plain water and clay in a pail, it will remain 
     cloudy for weeks. I try to avoid that situation in aquariums but 
     it has occurred to a lesser extent and I always seem to be able 
     to cure it by using an ordinary floss type filter. Why is that??? 
     There is no way that the floss would have the ability to filter 
     out particles 2 microns in size or smaller.
     Is it "stickiness" or is it something to do with neutralizing the 
     negative charge sites on the clay crystals? If it's stickiness, 
     what is that? What makes things sticky? (besides peanut butter 
     and jam)
     What makes some kinds of bacteria sticky?