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My daughter and I (she is 6) started a 10 gallon planted tank about 6 weeks
ago.  we am using the Sera soil and the Sera liquid and tablet fertilizers
and the Sera KH liquid.  We also setup a DIY CO2 system that puts out
copious amounts of CO2.  The plants grow like crazy with only one 15w bulb.
 We have Higro's, Combomba, Apon's, Crpypt's, Ludwiga, and Bacopa.  We have
to trim them every week to keep it all under control.  There are two
Molly's, a Flying Fox (was supposed to be a SAE), and a Otocinculus[sp]. 
There is very little algae.

The problem is that in order to keep the PH from dropping out of site the
KH has to be kept very high.  The chemistry is as follows:
	KH	8
	GH	4
	PH	6.6
	NH4	0
	NO2	0
	NO3	.1-.2
	FE	.1
	PO	0
	CO2	35 - 40?

Should I be alarmed at the high KH and the low pH and is there a better way
to control the CO2? 

Also,	I have been using a Dupla Analysis testing lab Kit that I bought over
7 years ago.  It is possible that the reagents have gone bad.  Are Dupla
test kits considered a good quality test kit?

Dave and Hannah