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bull rushes

>Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 22:21:57 -0500
>From: Linda or Jim Lemke <llemke at kusd_kusd.edu>
>Subject: Ponds-Elimiating Bullrushs
>     It's getting to be pond season and I'm wondering if any plant lovers(of
>which I am also) would cross over the line and help me  kill off
>bullrushes(and a few cat tails) that are over taking my 50ft  dia. natural
>pond here in southern Wisconsin....

During a "pond talk" at a local club I recall that regular cat tails can be
controlled by simply cutting them down. There are several kinds of bull
rushes but I think it was the common kind that can be contolled this way.
They do not recover from being cut down. This would mean you could cut them
each year and always have some but not too many. Don't cut them all because
then the Red-winged Blackbirds will have no where to nest. :(  They sing so

I'm sure that rec.aquaria.ponds would have answers for you.

in Vancouver