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low light foreground plants

I would like a bit of advice on a lowlight forground plant that seems to
spread readily.  I know it seems like a bit of a contradiction, low light,
yet will grow rapidly enough to spread, but...

I have had my large (240 gallon) plant tank set up for about 7 months now,
and things  are going well, except for the low foreground plants.  Sword
plants are propagating, with plantlets, barclaya and anubias are flowering,
and hygro and val are driving me nuts with the growth.  But short plants
may be getting shafted on light requirements,as I only use 12 40W bulbs,
and the tank is 2 feet deep, plus a reduction in light due to the val and
hygro growing over everything.  So what I would like to find is a lower
light tolerant plant that will eventually spread on its own.  I have 2
crupt species doing well in a lower light area in the tank, but I have not
found them to be propagating in anyway.