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Basin Soil for ponds

     I promised some info on a soil I found in a garden shop. Its 7$ Cdn 
     for 10 litres (~25lb). Ingredients: pumice, sand, peat-moss, clay and 
     micronutrients. It tends to make the water a little cloudy when you 
     plant stuff but if you put a 1" layer of gravel on top, it shouldn't 
     be a problem. I'm trying some but too soon for an evaluation. Maybe 
     I'll try some in a small tank for quarantine (but with H poly this 
     time)  ;-)
     The manufacturer is Basin System, 933 Michelins, Laval Qc, H7L 5B6
     Anybody else tried these kind of pond soils in planted aquariums? I've 
     heard from one pond keeper that it works wonders in ponds.
     Steve P in Vancouver.