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Re: Osmocote

Neil wrote
> Dan,
> I have used Osmokote myself a few years ago... but did not follow up > with any intensive study or with as much intensity as you. 
    Well Neil, it looks like I get to disagree with you on at least one
point. That is, I haven't studied Osmocote at all! I just used it. Had I
studied it, I probably still wouldn't have discovered what you did,
because my great lab experiment was to stare at the capsule till it
disappeared. I don't think it would have ever occured to me that it was
an empty capsule I was looking at. I guess a little egg on my face now,
is better than posting a few years from now, that the Osmocote is still
sitting on top of my substrate not causing any harm.
    This discovery is interesting, because I don't plant pretty but I do
plant big time heavy. I get good growth, but I don't force it with
heaters, CO2 injection, water column fertilizers or powerful lighting.
Apparently, there is magic in kitty litter (which I don't really
believe) or plants can go a long time on just fish droppins.
    For sure, I won't waste any more time watching empty capsules, but
maybe you will be interested in how long I can go on fish waste (or
whatever) alone. 
Dan Quackenbush