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No Subject

Hello all,
  I have a question regarding my newly planted 60 gallon hex tank.  I might
have done something wrong or things might just be normal.  Here is what I
did.  The tank was emptied about a week ago at a friends house and moved to
my house.  He was growing plants in the tank with lots of success.  I had
the stupid idea of adding fertilizer to the gravel.  I added the product
made by tetra something hygro.  It is in a yellow and green box.  They also
make liquid products as well.  I mixed the dirt-like substance into the
gravel.  It got my hands pretty grey and muddy but I preceded to fill the
tank full of water.  It was quite cloudy but I did not think to much of it
especially with an undergravel plate and all.  The next morning, this
morning in fact the tank was still quite cloudy.  The tank is a little
clearer tonight but I can hardly see the back of side of the tank when
looking through the water.  The tank is running 2 powerheads and a biowheel
backfilter.  All three are pretty good sizes and are at least enough or
more than the tank needs.

  Do I wait longer or should I do a water change of about 40%??  Is this
cloudiness normal with fertilizers such as this product.  The package has a
dirt like substance that was suppossed to be mixed in with the gravel and
then it contained about 4 tablets which were to be broken up and planted
with the plants.  I did all of this and wonder why the cloudiness.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Joe Kleinert

 Grand Valley Aquarium Club
kleinerj at river_it.gvsu.edu
 joe_klei at grfn_org