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Re: CO2

> Finally, can someone explain how the CO2 can be controlled? Can a change
> be made to the Sugar/yeast/baking soda mix to speed up or slow the
> bubbles? Can CO2 concentration be controlled by increasing flow to
> airstones?

In the DIY setup you describe (yeast solution, reactor made with gravel
vacuum), it's not possible to control the production of CO2 closely. Even
with the same combination of yeast and food, temp can change production

The only way to control CO2 dissolution in the water is by adjusting the
reactor--making it more or less efficient. Even then, there isn't a way to
stop dissolving CO2 when you have "enough."

BTW, I tried the ammonium sulfate suggestion (1/8 tsp/liter of water) to
increase CO2 production in my yeast bottle and almost killed my fish. The
increase was major; my pH plunged! So be careful.

Greg. Tong
San Francisco, CA, USA

"Every infinity is composed of only two halves."