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-- [ From: Jeff K * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

I recently started injecting CO2 in my 75 gallon, heavily planted, Discus
tank using a DIY setup. It is producing about 35 bubbles per minute into a
gravel vacuum reactor, no CO2 is seen escaping to the surface. Even after
reading as much as I could on the subject, I couldn't believe the resulting
improvement in plant growth. I want to thank everyone on the list for the
information you have supplied.

I have what Eheim calls a long term CO2 test monitor. It's a small clear
plastic gizmo which is filled with a small amount of tank water and four
drops of test solution. It is then mounted to the inside of the tank and
indicates CO2 concentration on three levels. The problem is it came with
only the setup instructions, and gives no indication of what these levels
represent. I assume they stand for to low, OK, and high, but I have no idea
what their recommendations are. I also have no information on how long the
solution lasts or if there is a way of knowing when to change it. Are any of
you familiar with these or similar monitors? I would appreciate your help.

BTW, the Eheim test seems to conflict with the results of a Tetra O2 test
kit. If I am interpreting the tests correctly, the Tetra reads "too high",
and the Eheim reads "too low". 
As you can see, I need all the help I can get.

Also, I am concerned with maintaining proper O2 levels in the tank for the
Discus. From what I have read, the goal (for CO2) is to agitate the water's
surface as little as possible to prevent CO2 loss. Isn't this in direct
conflict with maintaing high O2 levels? Is it the plants that take the job
of supplying O2? What about night time? A test first thing in the morning
indicated about 3 mg/l at 85F. Isn't this low?

Finally, can someone explain how the CO2 can be controlled? Can a change be
made to the Sugar/yeast/baking soda mix to speed up or slow the bubbles? Can
CO2 concentration be controlled by increasing flow to airstones?

Clearly, I am a beginner at this. I appreciate your help and interest.