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Re: CO2 - no luck

>From: Michael Livingston <MikeL at NetCraft-sw_com>
>Subject: Re: CO2 - no luck

>I am using 1 cup of sugar, 1 tsp. yeast, and a tsp of baking soda and
>get CO2 for weeks.  Also, I use spring water or R/O water left over from
>a water change.  Any chlorine and whatnot in the water will kill the
>yeast for sure.  


I don't know where you got your info on chlorine killing the yeast, but
I've been using regular tap water for the yeast solution for 3 years with
no problem.  And my tap water has 1.5 ppm Chloramine.  I doubt that many
people who use yeast-CO2 use anything but tap water.