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Straw as a filter media?

>> Straw or hay has been used to clear algae or duckweed from ponds;
>> it works extremely well! 

> There is more to that than the release of humic compounds with phenolic 
> groups when the hay decomposes.  Part of the effect comes from bacteria 
> using the hay as a source of organic compounds, and the assimilation of 
> nitrogen and phosphorus from the water as bacterial biomass, which then 
> sinks into the sediment

So, does this mean that I can just get a bail of hay and use it to filter
out the phosphates, Nitrate, etc and no longer have an algae problem nor
change water or does it work just like peat filtration?? This may be the
answer to all my "problems." Of course, I would just find new problems to
tackle. :)