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Re: CO2 - no luck

>From: Alexander Komarov <akomakom at eden_rutgers.edu>
>Subject: CO2 - no luck
>Hi all
>I've had no luck Producing fermented CO2 for some time now, and I am
>really puzzled ove ehat I amn doing so wrong...
>I use a 2 liter soda bottle with no leaks (pressure tested)  and a tube
>that simply extends about 5-7 inches below the surface. My mixture

The tube needs to end above the surface of the mixture.  The idea is to
let the gas out, not the liquid.  Mine extends just 1 inch down from the
hole in the cap, and cut at an angle, so any liquid that accidentally gets
on it will drip off more easily.

Use 1 cup of sugar and a half teaspoon of yeast.

Good luck,