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CO2 - no luck

Hi all

I've had no luck Producing fermented CO2 for some time now, and I am
really puzzled ove ehat I amn doing so wrong...

I use a 2 liter soda bottle with no leaks (pressure tested)  and a tube
that simply extends about 5-7 inches below the surface. My mixture
contains 4 cups of sugar, anywhere from 1 to 5 tsp's of yeast, and a tsp
baking soda (tried with and without it)

This produces good buildup of foam inside the bottle, but the bubbles
that come out of the tube never exceed about 1 / minute.

I use lukewarm water and make sure it is mixed well. I even tried adding
some flour, as seen in a post a while back.

If anybody know what could be the problem, please let me know.
Water quality is as follows:
PH = 8.0
KH =10
DH = 20        << == Could this be a problem?
Ammonia / Nitrites = 0