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re.: Algae

From: Robert Brunner <brunner at aecom_yu.edu>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 1997 10:04:52 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Algea

>I have a planted 150 gln discus tank. I have 3 DIY CO2 and use pmdd. My 
>nitrates are 5 ppm. The problem is that I cant get rid of the algea. Its 
>green and is growing on the plants and tank!! It's fuzzy and stringy. I 
>do 3 water changes a week and my iron is between 5-10 ppm. My tank is a 
>mess. Could it be the discus buffer?(A phosphate based buffer?) Please help!

For the green water there is a product ACCU-CLEAR from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Inc. This will precipitate the green water after about 3-4 hours. You vacuum
the bottom when you renew 25% of your water. You need two drops per gallon.

If there is dead plant material, in your tank, they be could a source of
phosphate, remove all these stuff if you have them. 

It also helps to have algae eating fish in the tank. I use also feeder goldfish
to keep the algae growth down, especially those hairy algae.

The vigorous growth of the algae could also be caused by the PMDD. I find that
the recipe  has to much Chelated Trace Element Mix ( 1 tbsp. !). Anyway I 
tried PMDD too, and had algae problem when I fertilize my tank (70 gallon) to
much. As soon as your algae population is low use PMDD  at low strength. Also
when your plant population is l still low, much of the nutrition that is added
will go to the algae.

Good Luck !
ir. Jos K.K Liem  Horticulture (Wageningen)
E-mail: liem at direct_ca /Ph.(604)525-7229
New Westminster BC Canada