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<html><head></head><BODY bgcolor=3D"#FFFFFF"><p><font size=3D2 =
color=3D"#000000" face=3D"Arial">I was told again and again that carbon =
would not absorb iron. My father-in-law, a water-purification engineer =
told me carbon could not absorb iron. This conflicted with the reality I =
had experienced so I did a simple experiment.<br><br>Into a ten gallon =
tank of freshly carbon-filtered water I poured chelated iron until I got =
a reading in excess of 3 ppm. Were talking purple. I filtered the water =
through a freshly cleaned and loaded 350 gph carbon filter. In no time =
at all the iron fell to unmeasurable levels. Since then I have used =
gravel and peat in my filters.<br><br>The suggestion that it is the =
chelating element that makes carbon able to adsorb iron would make both =
my father-in-law right and me right. <br><br>Thanks for the =
information.<br>Justin in Savannah, where a waist is a terrible thing to =